SuraGan was the name of the kitchen for the king of Joseon Dynasty in Korea.


'Sura' means the king’s meal and 'Gan' means a specific space. At the time, the king was always the first person who experienced new things including foreign ingredients or foods. Since there is no fine-dining restaurant named SuraGan all around the world now, we want to use this name and try something new by using both Korean and modern techniques together. 


The chef’s tasting menu at SuraGan is based on the recipes in the history of Joseon Dynasty and Korea in chronological order. 


2022 (1400~1500s)

October - November               Sanga-Yorok (1450)

December-Feburary                                  Sooun-Japbang (1540)


2023 (1600s)

March-May                                                Eumsikdimibang (1670) 1

June - August                                            Eumsikdimibang (1670) 2

September - November                             Joobangmoon (1600s)

December-Feburary                                  Yorok (1600s)


2024 (1700s)

March-May                                                Sanlimgyeongjae (1715) 1

June - August                                            Sanlimgyeongjae (1715) 2

September - November                             Soomoonsaseol (1700s)

December-Feburary                                   Gosasinseo (1771)