Korean Fine Dining


Sura Gan


Chef Jongmoon Choi

got inspired from some of the notable recipes from this book and try to re-interpret them with modern culinary techniques. This, we say, a collaboration between the now and then.


Sura-Gan was the name of the kitchen for the king of Joseon Dynasty in Korea. 'Sura' means the king’s meal and 'Gan' means a specific space. At the time, he was always the first person who experienced new things including foreign ingredients or foods. Since there is no fine-dining restaurant named Sura-Gan all around the world now, we want to use this name and try something new by using Korean and modern techniques together. 

   The chef’s tasting menu at Sura-Gan is going to be based on the recipes in the history of Joseon Dynasty and Korea in chronological order. 



Sura-Gan is conveniently located in the heart of Polk Gulch. With the limited seatings, making a reservation is highly recommended. We do have a plenty of waiting lounge, so you are welcome to arrive early to enjoy a wide selection of the wine list.



Sura-Gan pop-up menu is carefully prepared and crafted.

Please pardon that during the pop-up period, we cannot accommodate ingredient modification.

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